Brief history of AFPA

The Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations (AFPA) is a Federation of national psychiatric societies and associations on the continent of Asia who support the goal to achieve the excellence in Asian psychiatry.



Asia comprises the 60% of the world population. However, the majority of peoples suffering from mental and neurological problems are unable to receive the proper psychiatric cares which are scientific, culturally relevant and humane. Also, there has been a lack of communication among psychiatrists in Asia. In the past decades, East Asia, ASEAN, South Asia has seen the growing opportunities of collaborations among each regional group.. It is felt necessary to form an unified platform to promote the scientific communications among all Asian regions. 


Brief History

2002 August
Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology (JSPN) marked the 100th Anniversary in 2002 and hosted the 12th World Congress of World Psychiatric Association (WPA) first time in Asia in 2002 in Yokohama. Japan. At the WPA World Congress in Yokohama in 2002, a dozens of leading Asian psychiatrists and WPA Board Members who attended the Congress exchanged the views to form the network of Asian psychiatrists. The name of Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations (AFPA) was proposed and adopted for the network. 

2005 September
In September 2005, at the 13th World Congress in Cairo Egypt, more than 30-40 Asian leading psychiatrists gathered together and they agreed to form AFPA.Prof Naotaka Shinfuku (Japan),WPAZonal Representative for East Asia,was elected as the first President unanimously.

2007 February
The AFPA was launched in Lahore, Pakistan, in February 2007, with the blessing of leading international and national psychiatric societies. The list included, among others, World Psychiatric Association (WPA), World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH), World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WAPR), American Psychiatric Association (APA), The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP), Indian Psychiatric Association (IPA) AFPA was welcomed in Asia. Harmony, friendship and consensus were stressed as a guiding principle of AFPA. 

2007 August
First World Congress of Asian Psychiatry (1st WCAP) was held on 2-5 August 2007 in Goa, India.  Indian Society of Biological Psychiatry and SAARC Psychiatric Federation hosted the Congress. More than 300 psychiatrists and mental health workers attended and mostly from countries in South Asia.

2009 November
The 2nd World Congress of Psychiatry (2nd WCAP) was held in Taipei in 2000. The Congress was hosted by the Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry .The Congress had more than 700 participants half from overseas and the rest from Taiwan. This became the largest international psychiatric congress ever held in Taiwan.  At the first Board Meeting in Taipei, it was suggested to prepare the AFPA constitution in consultation with member societies and associations.

2011 August
The 3rd WCAP was held in Melbourne on 31 July to 4 August. 2011. The congress was hosted by Indo-Australian Initiative. Many eminent Indian psychiatrists from overseas made the scientific program attractive. More than 500 psychiatrists attended.

2013 August
4th WCAP was convened in Bangkok with full support by Department of Mental Health (DOH) of Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, Psychiatric Association of Thailand (PAT) and Thai Society for Geriatric Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry (TSGN).The Congress was attended by more than 1,200 participants coming from 43 countries and areas. The Congress was opened by the royal highness of Princess of Thailand. AFPA Board meeting attended by 16 presidents and representatives of national psychiatric society elected new Office Bearers and adopted the resolution which stressed the unity and collaboration of psychiatric societies in Asia.

2015 March
The fifth World Congress of Asian Psychiatry (5th WCAP) was held from 3rd to 6th March 2015, Fukuoka Japan in collaboration with Japan Society of Psychiatry and Neurology (JSPN). 5th WCAP was attended by 502 participants from 37 countries and areas. National psychiatric societies from 8 countries from Asia joined AFPAS; they are Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Papua New Guinea and Mongolia 

2016 May
AFPA International meeting was held in Colombo in May 2016. This was a well attended meeting form more than 15 countries participation in the scientific programme. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka inaugurated he conference.


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